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The project carefully selects top quality materials and adheres to the highest construction standards, thus providing premium value for customers deciding to purchase a home from the development.

Hillside Hamlet Home Materials

The high resale value of properties built in previous projects are undeniable proof that house-hunters recognize and value our high building standards.

We have high expectations of our designers

Our standards are as follows

  • We use ‘Red brick’ for all external walls thick 25 cm. Double layered wall
  • We use Jotun brand paints
  • Land Title Deed purchase by ‘Freehold’ and ‘Lease hold’
  • All internal roads width 9 meters
  • High quality of SCG roof tile green criteria & Eco label, NueStile. Heat BLOCK Pigment. Reflects heat from the Sun very well, up to 3.5 times. Grey Slate color. Reduce the temperature inside the house saves up to 15% the air-conditioner cost. Combined with innovative coatings new formulas beautiful durable 3 times longer
  • High quality of Shingle roof design. Installation warranty 5 years (from the roof company), For the roof tile sheet product warranty 25 years (from the roof company) (For the SANCTUARY model only)
  • High quality of Metal Sheet with PU foam (For the SANCTUARY model only)
  • High quality hardwood (teak wood) for doors and windows, Teng wood for the frames and Bungor wood for ceiling
  • SCG brand Gypsum ceiling with heat-reflective foil
  • STIEBEL ELTRON - Boilers are also provided free of charge. Our standard is to offer 2 or 3, depending on the size of house bought, for higher versatility
  • 2 x 6,000 liters underground water tank and MITSUBISHI brand water pump
  • All main structures and upper beam are built from steel-reinforced concrete from established Elephant-brand cement or Irrigation cement company serpent brand, factory pre-mixed and poured on-site to maintain consistency
  • Electric underground system
  • Each home has underground piping installed to simplify termite-eradication treatment for residents
  • Houses are designed with two completely separate standard drainage and sewage systems. Although more expensive, PVC pipe is used for underground drainage a
  • Kitchen appliances from ELECTROLUX brand. And SAMSUNG brand refrigerator
  • Before make the concrete floor. We use the black sticky plastic put on the soil in order to preventive humidity from ground
  • Up-lighting illuminates garden, trees and lawn 10 sets for the SANCTUARY, 5 sets for the HAVEN
  • Lawn and landscape garden
  • Put sprinkler system in the garden
  • Sanitary ware is provided by the long established American standard brands or equivalent quality
  • SMG (Solar Management Glass). Mosquito screens fitted to external-facing doors and windows
  • Master key system Hafele’ brand for every house
  • Sewerage system with underground septic tank and cement tank
  • Hot and cold water for kitchen and all bathrooms
  • High speed fiber optical cable for TV and internet are installed for every house. Note: Monthly internet fee will be borne by customer according to the selected internet service provider and package
  • Voice alarm system, 4 CCTV HIKVISION brand and Emergen
  • Solar Cell on-grid, Inverter Invt 5 kw warranty Inverter 5 years with panel 450-540W Mono – half brand GCL Warranty 12 years
  • Electrical, as air-conditioning pipes are neatly routed within conduit buried in walls, demonstrating another benefit of the double-layered cavity wall. Electrical installations include Schneider brand or equivalent switched mains distribution board (MDB) with electronic safety circuit breaker (Safe-T-Cut) and lighting timer
  • The pool is salt system and infinity pool design or on request
  • LED lights for all around the house
  • Automatic garage door you can add the safety sensor as well

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