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October 30, 2019

The Happiness of Living in Hillside Hamlet Homes 8

The Happiness of Living in Hillside Hamlet Homes 8 "We serve the customer not serve the system"

The Happiness of Living in Hillside Hamlet Homes 8

Why must be Hillside Hamlet Homes?

From our sale statistic we found that 47% of our customers are word mouth from our old customer, almost 50% are engineer in different major including architect and 55% are group of retirement people, professors, captain airline, business man and also there is 5 GM of 5 star hotel bought the houses from my project.

The important reason that my customer can recommend my project to their friends or others because

1. My project always used the top materials grade A and A+ ( Please see the standard materials of the project in our website)

2. The land that I sell are title deed so can be freehold or leasehold.

3. The location of the project not far from the facility, beach, hospital, police station and have many restaurant nearby.

4. The strength point of the project is every customer can see the progress of the house in every week whatever where they live if they have internet signal.

5. The most important that make my project different from the others is services. We serve customer needs not serve the system.

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